Project Management: All Inclusive

The perfection and quality of our services has allowed us to collaborate in a wide range of national and international projects with leading companies in the sector.

An advisor for the project

The client will have a single point of contact with Greko that will facilitate the monitoring of progress.

Agents coordinated by Greko

The client will dedicate less time and resources to the project, since all the agents that will participate in the project are coordinated by Greko.


The client will have at their disposal a team of specialists and technicians who will solve any problem.

Quality guarantee

The client will be supported by a team of technicians who will guarantee the quality of the project before, during and after.

Pricing transparency

The client will know from the beginning the final cost of the investment, reducing its financial cost.

We came to an agreement

The client will know from the beginning all the agreements and stipulations of the project.

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All-inclusive services that allow clients to avoid extra costs received the facilities / works for the price agreed at the beginning of the contract.


Supplier evaluation and quality assurance. Selection and search of materials and equipment that meet the specific requirements of the project

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