Security and Defense

Distribution of active and passive elements necessary for the security and defense of territorial units and institutions.

Grupo Greko has a unit specialized in the design of security and defense plans, as well as the distribution of systems and equipment necessary for the execution of said plans.

With a human team made up of engineers and technicians from military backgrounds, Grupo Greko is present in more than ten countries, participating together with ministries of defense and interior ministries, actively collaborating in the development of security and defense in those countries.

Counting on the latest technology and the most reputable suppliers on the planet, Grupo Greko is qualified to provide the most sophisticated equipment and systems necessary to maintain the Defense of the territories, adapting the situation of each country to the latest advances in the arms industry. Companies such as AMPER, Templeforce, Norinco, Santa Bárbara, Indra… guarantee our prestige and presence in this field.

Our mission is not only limited to the supply of defense and security equipment and systems, but we also provide the training and maintenance necessary for their perfect use.

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